Brain Tourniquet + Deliriant Nerve + Traumatiseer - Kavka

donderdag, 11 juli, 2024

Event: Mendville Shows presents Brain Tourniquet(US) + Deliriant Nerve(US) + Traumatiser(NL) - Kavka


Headliner: Brain Tourniquet

Voorprogramma: Deliriant Nerve + Traumatiser


Prijs: vvk: 15,00 EUR + 1,36 EUR fee

Locatie (zaal): Kavka Oudaan

Adres: Oudaan 14 Antwerpen

Meer info: 

Rage fueled powerviolence/hardcore from the “City of Magnificent Distances”. Since their 2018 inception, Brain Tourniquet has payed homage to the classic West Coast Power Violence legends like Man Is The Bastard, Crossed Out and Neanderthal while maintaining their own identity and consistently twisting the conventions of the genre to make something new and urgent and fucking skull crushing. ‘…An Expression In Pain’ takes that forward trajectory 10 steps further and absolutely decimates expectations. This band is truly a light in the darkness.

Absolutely pummeling death metal/grindcore from Washington, DC. Tight riffs, relentless drumming, short songs which end as soon as you start to get a feel for them. My biggest gripe with most straight-up grindcore bands is that they seem to put the pedal to the metal and play endlessly full-speed without anything to differentiate their songs. Thankfully, you don’t get that with DELIRIANT NERVE. They slow things down often enough for a catchy breakdown or a circle-pit part. I believe this to be members of DC grindcore band NEEDLE, as well as ZTUPED who I think are absolutely top-notch. If you’re into this style, this band will not disappoint.

Blistering D-beat with a handful of huge, metallic riffing and a vocalist that eats nails for dessert. There’s a blown-out production that brings to mind Bootlicker’s earlier recordings but where the Lickers line American Hardcore with No Future stomp, Traumatizer goes full tilt into the noize and grips you by the throat. There’s no pogo present, just rage and violence. Toss it on while you take the late-night walk home from the bar. Their debut will be released on Neon Taste Records and these 6 tracks will make a compelling case that those darting eyes and high hackles in the alleyway are the threat you were worried about. Those focused pupils from an animal whose only option is to take as many of you with them as they can. You didn’t even mean any harm, poor you. But here we are, kill or be killed. Prey or predator. No one gets out alive, we just measure blood loss for points.