Carnation - Zappa (afgelast)

zaterdag, 6 februari, 2021

Event: MCLX presents: Carnation - Zappa (afgelast)


Headliner: Carnation


Support act: Incinerate


Prijs: vvk: 22,00 EUR (uitverkocht)

Locatie (zaal): Zappa

Adres: August Leyweg 6, 2020 Antwerpen

Meer info: MCLX & District 19 present: Carnation "Where Death Lies" release show.

With support from Incinerate Antwerp

*This is a seated show. Tickets are sold per bubble and seating will be arranged as such respecting the COVID 19 rules and distances.
*Face masks are mandatory throughout the whole event, unless when drinking.
*You may leave your seat to get drinks at the bar, to smoke (outside) or go the toilet. But always make sure you keep the social distance (1,5m) from other people and wear your face mask when moving through the venue.
*There will be merchandise for sale at the show, please respect the measures while queuing at the merchandise stand.

Door de verscherpte maatregelen gaat dit optreden niet meer door op 30 oktober. Het is verplaatst naar 6 februari 2021, maar vervolgens afgelast.