Cathubodua's Continuum release show - JC De Klinker

zaterdag, 26 oktober, 2019

Event: Cathubodua - Continuum release show


Headliner: Thurisaz


Support acts: Cathubodua (Continuum release show) - Insanity Reigns Supreme - Solitude Within


Prijs: vvk: 10,00 EUR / Kassa: 14,00 EUR

Locatie (zaal): JC De Klinker

Adres: Demervallei 14 - Aarschot

Meer info: Cathubodua releases its first full-length album 'Continuum' on October 25th, 2019. To celebrate, the album will be played in its entirety on October 26th at Jeugdcentrum De Klinker in Aarschot.

Be ready for a festive evening with special guests, Solitude Within, Insanity Reigns Supreme and Thurisaz!

DOORS 18:30
19:00 Solitude Within
20:00 Insanity Reigns Supreme
21:15 Cathubodua *Exclusive Continuum Release Show*
23:00 Thurisaz