Guilt Trip + Mindwar + Sorcerer - Kavka

zondag, 16 april, 2023

Event: Bands - Kavka


Headliner: Guilt Trip

Voorprogramma: Mindwar, Sorcerer


Prijs: vvk: 15,88 EUR

Locatie (zaal): Kavka

Adres: Oudaan 14, Antwerpen

Meer info:


The new generation of Manchester hardcore. GUILT TRIP are a metallic hardcore five-piece from Manchester, UK. Blending elements from a multitude of genres through metal, hardcore and thrash, the band have found themselves in a league of their own. All whilst remaining independent, the band have smashed major festival slots such as Bloodstock and the prestigious Hellfest, followed up with a Canadian headline run and European main support for Stray From The Path. GUILT TRIP have quickly become the finest international export that the UK hardcore scene has to offer, with their groove-ridden riffing appealing to a far wider audience than the scene that initially spawned them

No need for introduction!
A hardcore band from the city of Lokeren thah will slay your earholes with a devastating sound of mosh melodies. Mindwar is a 5-piece mosh brigade from Lokeren (Belgium) that brings a combination of straight forward hardcore, groove and heavy riffs.

Comprised of musicians who have also played in such bands as Worst Doubt, Mind Awake, Providence, and Jaw Crack: Sorcerer is a Parisian heavy hitter blending elements from hardcore and metal in a way France can be proud off.