vrijdag, 24 juli, 2020 tot zaterdag, 25 juli, 2020

Event: Rockelingen


Headliners: Reject The Sickness, Off The Cross


Support acts: Wheel of Smoke, Hexa Mera, Schizophrenia Band, Toxic Shock, Wolves Scream


Prijs: gratis

Locatie (zaal): Rockelingen Headquarter

Adres: Karembergstraat 97, 7850 Lettelingen

Camping: wel aanwezig

Meer info:

Rockelingen is often described by visitors as the hidden treasure of the belgian festivals.

The rural setting contrasts with heavy rock & roll, creating a unique atmosphere!

Add to this that you don’t need a mortgage to gain entrance to the free festival site, there will be a great BBQ, lots of beer, high quality music and you know this can’t be missed.