4 nieuwe namen voor Dunk!festival

Dunk!festival kondigde vier nieuwe artiest aan.

Mono (uit Japan) en And So I Watch You From Afar brengen hun post-rock naar Dunk!festival en op GGGOLDDD en Burial At Sea is geen genre te plakken. Meer informatie over deze bands:

How many bands can boast a career as long as star-studded as MONO’s? The legendary Japanese quartet have released 11 full-length records, countless EP and most recently a full movie soundtrack. Titled “My Story: The Buraku Story - An Original Soundtrack” this album saw the bands expanding even more on their signature post-rock style, filled with the delicate interweaving of lightness and heaviness, of light and darkness. On Christmas Day, the band announced their next project, a series of EPs exploring this ageless relationship to be released each year on this special day. Spawning well over two-decades, MONO’s career is a gift to all of us. Having graced our stages in 2015, we’re honoured to finally bring them back 8 years later.

Another epic return to the dunk! stages, And So I Watch You From Afar promised to tear down the Vooruit! Known for their dynamic and eclectic approach to instrumental music, this quartet has also distinguished themselves for some of the loudest and most entertaining live performances ever. They were amongst the fans’ favourites in 2017, so we simply had to bring them back! The band released their latest record “Jettison” last year, so make sure to check that out and… don’t forget to bring earplugs!!

Hailing from neighbouring Netherlands, GGGOLDDD turned more than a few heads last year with their critically-acclaimed record “This Shame Should Not Be Mine”. Impossible to pin down, the band’s sound surpasses the boundaries of genres, and those of classification. Lead by vocalist Milena Eva and self-describing their music as “the soundtrack to binge-watching the world collapse” GGGOLDDD bring an all-avantgarde approach to music composition. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check this incredible album!!

Topping off this announcement is Liverpool’s A Burial at Sea, whom unlike their name suggest are nothing short of fun and entertaining. Continuing the legacy of the English city most known for its music contributions, A Burial At Sea bring a joyful approach to post-rock, filled with different styles and moods that really set them apart from the new course in this genre. From math to indie rock, from vocals to brass instruments, the band layers their post-rock backbone with a colourful coating that make for a rewarding and diverse experience. 

Dunk!Festival gaat in 2022 door van 26 tot en met 28 mei.

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