4 nieuwe namen voor Dunk!festival

Dunk!festival kondigt opnieuw nieuwe bands aan, vier stuks deze keer.

Oiseaux-Tempête, Contemporary Noise Ensemble, Sunset Images en Nonsun vervoegen de line-up van Dunk!festival. Geen idee wie dit zijn? Dunk has got you covered:

Oiseaux-Tempête: Expect the unexpected! When these Parisians climb on stage don't expect anything other than being blown away by their intensely unique artistry. While ever celebrated as such, Ouiseaux-Tempete may be the ones who most accurately embody the “post-rock” label. Deconstructing and rebuilding music again and again, having evolved into something else, living and breathing in real time as the listener explores its developing landscape.

Contemporary Noise Ensemble: We’re beyond excited that this exhilarating Polish post-jazz band is making a triumphant return to the stage after 12 years!! And they'll be bringing their newest record An Excellent Spiritual Serviceman on our stages no less!! A fresh and inspired collection of songs that demonstrate a mastery of groove and vibe that will undoubtedly deliver an infectious energy that audience members would be wise not to miss.

Sunset Images: Multi-instrumentalist Samuel Osorio’s fervent guitar-and-bass and tortured vocals performance have established a core around which chaos is order and volume is paramount. The foundational influences here are krautrock, shoegaze, and post-punk, but Sunset Images takes the ideas embodied by those genres and drives them through a wall into a realm that entertains only their noisiest inclinations. Ear plugs recommended!

Nonsun: We are especially happy to welcome Nonsun back to the festival. There will be an extra sense of excitement and gratitude in the air when they take the stage, which they will promptly and gloriously bury beneath the staggering weight of their fierce and foreboding blend of post-metal, doom, drone, and stoner rock. We always say that heavy music affords an opportunity for great catharsis, and there may be no greater opportunity to witness that idea in action this year.

Dunk!Festival gaat in 2023 door van 18 tot en met 20 mei.

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