Eerste namen Groezrock indoor editie

Daar zijn ze dan: de eerste namen voor de Groezrock indoor editie, alsook de ticketprijzen en razende ticketverkoop.

Groezrock liet van zich horen vandaag om 17:30, een half uur eerder dan verwacht:

First and foremost:
*We will reveal our 2 headliners when Graspop Metal Meeting kicks off on June 21st. Is that a hint? Yes, it is a hint. Start guessing.

*A grand total of 1.350 tickets will be available for GROEZROCK Indoor. No more, no less. So don’t sleep on getting yours.

Now, on with the band announcements:

*Let’s start things off with some absolutely legendary acts.
Like Orange County ska punk legends Reel Big Fish bringing their endless party to Hasselt.
Swedish hardcore legends Abhinanda called it quits in 2010. But, as they say so themselves: “The world needs positive Hard Core now more than ever”. They’re absolutely right.
SoCal punk rock legends Down By Law are gearing up to sing you a handful of their wonderful punkrockacademyfightsongs.
Richmond crossover legends IRON REAGAN just released “Crossover Ministry” last year. Get ready to mosh like it’s 1989.
Noisy hardcore legends Will Haven released a new album in March. It’s called “Muerte” and it absolutely kills.

*All these legends will be joined by a whole bunch of wonderful bands for you to discover, rediscover or simply enjoy.
There’s Brighton’s finest math rockers Black Peaks, who just supported A Perfect Circle in Norway.
And we have Scottish metalcore bulldozer Bleed From Within.
The incredibly energetic melodic hardcore punks Cold Ground are representing Australia.
If you haven’t heard of Culture Abuse yet, you’re in the wrong business. These garage punks are absolutely “lit”, as the young people may say.
LOTUS may very well be the heaviest and most aggressive hardcore band Belgium has seen in a long, long time.
British band Napoleon is possibly the most technically gifted melodic hardcore band in the world.
Lowlands punks This Means War - punk from the lowlands will surely get you singing along with their street punk anthems.

*And since we really believe in that whole “support your local scene”-thing, here’s three Belgian bands you will ab-so-lute-ly adore.
Pas de Chance are like The Replacements made babies with early Wipers.
SONS sound like The Hives’ depressed and angry baby brothers.
And Toxic Shock are Belgium’s own version of Excel, Beöwulf, old SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - OFFICIAL and “Cause for Alarm”-era Agnostic Front. Mixed into one and turned into perfect moshpit mayhem.

*5 more bands will be announced whenever we feel like it. That makes a total of 22 bands, split out over 3 stages. It’s gonna be a wild day!

Now, as the late Steve Jobs would say: “Just one more thing…”

*Keep an eye on Or visit regularly. Because we need your help in putting together the line-up for next year’s outdoor Groezrock! Soon, you can give us your Top 3 artists you’d like to see destroy the stage!

Sheesh, have you actually read this whole thing? Respizzle, yo!

Info & Tickets:

Venue : Muziekodroom, Bootstraat 9, Hasselt (B)
Datum 27 OCT 2018
Doors : 14u00
First Band : 15u00

Ticket Link:

Max 1350 tickets.

Presale : 48 euro

Meer info over dit festival: