Emmure cancelt Rock Im Revier

Emmure zal in juni ook niet te zien zijn op Rock Im Revier. De band cancelde eerder ook al Groezrock.

Rock Im Revier,

Eine Meldung von Emmure. Leider müssen wir auf sie bei Rock im Revier verzichten. Gute Besserung, Frankie! ‪#‎RIR2015

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we must cancel our upcoming EU/UK touring plans with Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder and Sworn In due to Frankie’s still yet to be determined healing process. He has severe acute and chronic reflux laryngitis and a weak (partially paralyzed) left vocal cord. We appreciate the support we received on the last tour with Suicide Silence in Frankie’s absence, at this time we are going to put our focus towards writing a new album while he recovers and we hope to see you all very soon. - E

Een vervanger is er momenteel nog niet.

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