Nieuwe namen voor Groezrock

De organisatie van Groezrock heeft nieuwe namen gelanceerd voor de 25ste editie van het evenement. Daarnaast is er helaas een annulatie van Success. Vanaf dit jaar wordt de MacBeth stage nu de WATCH OUT stage genoemd. 

First the bad news:

Due to logistic problems Success had to cancel their European tour, including GROEZROCK 2016. Hopefully, we will have the chance to see them soon.

Now the good news:

You wanted names? Here are some names: Darla, Billy-Bob, Shaneequa … What’s that now? Oh, you want names of bands that are playing GROEZROCK! Well why didn’t you say so?

We really like the name Frank. And Carter is a pretty cool name, too. So guess what? Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are coming to play some tunes.

What else do we like? Ehm … How about: Dave? We like Dave. There’s a Dave on our bill almost every year. His last name is Hause. And this time, he’s bringing people with cool names like Brendan and Neil and Dan. Wait? Really? Yep: The Falcon, featuring 2/3 of Lawrence Arms and 1/3 of Alkaline Trio, is flying to Europe for a very exclusive show at GROEZROCK.

Let’s keep the namedropping going, kids. Because PUP is a pretty good name. Another pretty Canadian name is The Dirty Nil . We also like the name Moose Blood. Don’t you?

You already heard that Rancid is coming over for a very, very, very "EXCLUSIVE" show you won’t find anywhere else in Europe this year. Well, you will have to get your ass over to GROEZROCK for some more European EXCLUSIVES. Like Chicago’s punk rockers Much The Same and pop-punks Knockout Kid, who like their songs with some delicious metallic crunch.

And – hold your breath kids! – Bury Your Dead will be playing in its original line up. Yes, those dudes may have moved on to bands with awesome names like BRING ME THE HORIZON, Emmure, All That Remains and DevilDriver. But here they are: back together for you at your favorite festival for what is yet another EXCLUSIVE performance at GROEZROCK 2016.

We hope some of you people like the name Benny. Because we have more than one this year. At least that’s what we thought when we booked The Bennies as part of an Australian invasion. They’re also bringing Hellions and Clowns to come and see if the water really spins the other way when you flush the toilet in Europe (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).

More international friends that will be joining us are Israel’s Not On Tour, Florida’s TEEN AGERS and the UK’s Muncie Girls. Those are names, aren’t they?

But hey, let’s not forget that we have some pretty good bands with names in our own country as well, little as it may be. Proudly representing Belgium are the garage-y rockers of Double Veterans, Coma Commander, Tangled Horns and Off The Cross​, a new band featuring members of This Kid.

They will all be playing on the former Macbeth stage, which will now on be referred to as the WATCH OUT STAGE. As in, watch out for the bands playing there… they’re going places! Also, this means there'll be "no" contest this year. Hell, we just wanted to book an extra bunch of cool bands we like!

That’s it for now, but we’ll be back soon with even more names… so stay tuned.Oh, one more thing... we had a number of complaints last year that there were simply too many stages and too many bands. With a lot of bands playing at the same time, some of you were facing impossible choices. Quite the luxury problem indeed. Which is why this year we will have a couple less bands on the bill.

And to keep things fair, we also lowered our ticket prices. You’re welcome!

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