Vlamrock 2008

Vlamrock 2008: namen: 30 August 2008


Zaterdag 30.8: Lost Department, Valkyre, Rhythm To The Madness, Stormental, Human Demise, Wapenspraak en Drinkgelag, State Of Mind, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Rise & Fall, Theudho, Crawlspace, Prejudice, The Casino Brawl, Exterminator, Heidevolk, No Turning Back, The Rotted, Backfire!, Eluveitie, Amen Ra, Point Of Impact, Carnyx, The Crackups, Cocktail To Fire, Brickbat, Sons Of Irah, Daggers, Skull Collector, Teenage Lust, A Breach On Heaven, Billy Got Spanked, Bloodclot     

Tickets kosten:

VVK: 11 euro.
Inwoner As: 7 euro.

ADK: 14 euro.

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