Wildfest 2021 afgelast

Ook Wildfest sneuvelt door de slechte vooruitzichten en maatregelen omtrent het covid-19 virus.

Wildfest 2021 gaat niet door. Het wordt verplaatst naar 27 en 18 mei 2022, er komt dus geen editie later op het jaar. Tickets kunnen worden behouden of worden terugbetaald.

De mededeling van de organisatie is als volgt:

"It's with a heavy heart we have to announce the cancellation of the 2021 Wildfest edition. We still had hope it would be possible if the regulations were in our favor. But since the new 'rules' have been announced and this pandemic is far from over, we feel it's necessary to take this hard decision. Our first goal is to keep artists, volunteers, ourselves and definitely you, the loyal fans, safe.

We checked possibilities to make it happen with regulations or to postpone it to a later date this year. But we feel it would not be a real Wildfest edition. Masks and a seated audience is not how we want to experience this party with you.

Wildfest 2022 will be held on Friday May 27 and Saturday May 28. Mark your calendars friends! We are checking with the bands and we will get back to you with the first part of the line-up real soon.

As next year will be somehow a different edition, we will offer a full refund to everyone who wishes to have their money back. It's your money, no need for us to keep it any longer. Ticketmaster will send out the necessary communication with the following options:

• Get a full refund

• No refund needed (all support goes to Wildfest)

• No refund needed and get a special Wildfest shirt, shipping included

If you have bought your ticket from someone from Wildfest, please get in touch with them for the refund or t-shirt.

We wish we could have announced better news, but we are confident we will meet each other under better circumstances. Stay safe everyone."

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