Interview Novelists: Nicolas Delestrade

Artiest: Novelists

Geïnterviewde: Nicolas Delestrade (bassist)

Interview afgenomen via: e-mail

Label: Arising Empire

Novelists is een opkomende Franse band die zojuist hun eerste album 'Souvenirs' uitbrachten. We voelden bassist Nicolas Delestrade even aan de tand.

How did you become Novelists, can you describe the band history?

Basically Matt, Charly and myself were in a band together from 2009 to 2013, the band broke up. Matt met the Durand brothers and started recording vocals on their demos, he then introduced me to them, and I offered to bring Charly in the project as we were missing a guitarist! We all met and got along very well, Novelists was born!

Where does the name Novelists come from?

We were brainstorming ideas for the name, someone came up with this and we thought it was a great idea, very relevant to what we were trying to achieve with this project!

Where do you find the inspiration for your lyrics and music?

The lyrics are the direct representation of what's in Matt's head, he is basically writing every feeling he has and tell the story behind that feeling!

The music has been very influenced by the modern prog metal wave (Periphery, Tesseract, Monuments etc.) but also by tons of other band you wouldn't think about, like Sworn in, Pvris, Bring me the Horizon etc.

The new album ‘Souvenirs’ is finally out. How are the first reactions on the album?

The response has been overwhelming, we were hoping for a positive reaction but it's always stressful to show a work that's been the main thing in your head for the past 2 years, so it feels amazing to be rewarded by such good reviews and positive feedbacks.

Is there going to be a big tour for the promotion of the new album?

It is definitely something we're planning to do, we were originally planning to do it in March 2016 but that might change for a good reason! More news soon!

With who would like to tour?

We would love to tour with Architects, Periphery, Deftones etc. because we love their music! On the other hand , on a more personal perspective we would love to tour with Betraying the Martyrs or I, The Breather because they are all good friends.

Can you tell us something more about the new album than what is known in the press already?

There is some grammatical mistakes in some songs haha, but i think people started to notice it especially on Lichtenberg figure! But hey, we're French! Isn't it common knowledge that France sucks in teaching foreign languages? Haha.

How important do you think is promotion through press and other media like websites?

Promotion is the key! Having an album that you're proud of is great but if you don't make people hear it, they are not going to do the first step. It's your job as a band to push for your art and convince people that you have the music they've been looking for!

Where do you see the band in let’s say 5 years?

I'd like us to have 3 albums out, big tours, and have the opportunity to touch as many people as we can !

Will you ever come to Belgium? What do you know about the country?

We're actually playing a show in Kortrijk in December! We love Belgium, we've always had great response from the audience there and your kebabs are great haha.

Do any of you have side projects or other occupations?

Flo used to be in the band Kadinja but he left because Novelists was making him too busy!

Most of us are working in the music scene, Amael and I produce bands, Charly is a graphic designer, Flo is a guitar teacher, and Matt..... works in a video game shop haha.

What is your favorite album of all time?

Mine would be Blink 182's Eponymous record!