Interview Vildhjarta: Calle Thomér

Op 28 november komt de nieuwe CD van Vildhjarta uit. De recensie van deze plaat kan u alvast hier bij ons nalezen.

Aangezien deze CD zeer goed in de smaak viel bij ons hebben we aan Calle Thomér enkele vragen mogen gestellen.

I really want to congratulate your band with this most expressful album that I ever heard. I just fell in love with this album and I am now a huge fan of your band. But this next question is one I just want an answer on. What does ‘Vildhjarta’ mean?

Thanks for the congrats and the compliments! Much appreciated! Vildhjarta comes from a Swedish edition from the ‘role playing’ game "Dungeons & Dragons". Vildhjarta is a magical forest in that edition. We really like the band name, it sounds a lot cooler than the average generic band names.

I love the music from your band, because it’s so different than music from other bands that I ever heard. It’s so powerful and I just love the way of the darkness that arrives in this album. Where comes the inspiration from for this music?

Hm, a lot of things I would say. It would be too many to mention, to be honest. One thing worth mentioning though, is that we got a lot of inspiration from Walt Disney’s "The Jungle Book".

What does this album mean for you?

It means A LOT to us since this album took a very long time to create. The feeling of finally having an album that’s up for release is incredible.

What an amazing video clip you made for the song ‘Benblåst’! What is this clip based on?

Thank you!The clip is based upon some fragments from the artwork. I don't want to reveal too much what the song is about. We'll leave that to the listeners for now when the album drops.

I know that your band and music is compared with bands as Meshuggah and Periphery. What do you think about that?

I can understand why people compare us with Meshuggah because basically we are ripping them off so hard haha. I don't understand why people compare us with Periphery though, we're in the same genre alright but the music isn't similar to our music at all.

Where comes the inspiration from to make some dark, but also peaceful music?

It's much more fun to write evil and heavy music. It's also a lot more fun to perform.

What was for you the most difficult song to make on this album?

The first song of the album called ‘Shadow’ was probably the hardest one to finish. Daniel Bergström (guitar) has been working on that song for years.We got like hours of riffage and old material that was supposed to be in ‘Shadow’.

What is your favourite track of this album and why?

We really can’t decide which track. The album is a concept album and we really think all the songs melt together in a perfect way so you could say that all the songs are our favourites.

What does the artwork on the cover of your album mean?

The cover sums up the beginning of the story basically. We wanted it to look like an evil poster for a Walt Disney movie.

Is there a band or bands that you really look up to?

M to the ESHUGGAH of course. Then there's Ion Dissonance, Katatonia and The Mars Volta that we really look up to and are a huge influence in our music.

Can you describe your band in 3 words?

Groovy unethical riffage.

What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened backstage?

Probably when we hung out with the drummer from the band Shattered Skies. He was so damn baked and some guy rigged up a camera and told him that he had an interview in 5 minutes. It was funny as hell and the interview was hilarious (we stood just right outside and tried to distract him so he would fuck up haha).

With which band do you want to tour in 2012?

We have nothing confirmed yet unfortunately. But I can say with 100 % certainty that we will get out on the road next year!

Will you come to Belgium in 2012? Or do have any other plans for 2012 with Vildhjarta?

If someone books us there we will be there in a jiff!