Bokassa deelt nieuwe single 'All Out Of Dreams' en kondigt nieuw album aan voor februari 2024.

De wrangste export van Noorwegen, Bokassa, is terug en klaar om je trappend en schreeuwend hun dystopische toekomst binnen te slepen.

Ze beginnen met hun Europese trektocht met Therapy? en voor de aftrap vandaag heeft Bokassa nog een nieuwe single gedropt, het stoner punk anthem All Out Of Dreams'dat tot de rand gevuld is met houding en gefrustreerd, pissig pessimisme, en toevallig ook het titelnummer is van hun aankomende album!

BOKASSA elaborates, "When most things seem mediocre and most meetings feel like you're just regurgitating empty small talk, you might as well just avoid it all. So it's a song about trying to avoid socializing with other people and meanwhile escaping into your own mind and hobbies, like gaming e.g,
as referenced in the 8-bit intro. Kind of a "voluntary loner anthem" if you will. A song for everyone who feels like Stan in the South Park episode "You're Getting Old"!"

Listen to the single HERE

Het nieuwe album van Bokassa zal op 16 februari 2024 verschijnen via Indie Recordings. Opgenomen door Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, The Haunted, Halford) in Antfarm Studios in Denemarken, konden fans eerder dit jaar voor het eerst kennismaken met nieuwe muziek via de heavy-hitting belter Garden Of Heathen. Een melodieus gedreven stoner-punknummer dat onmiskenbaar Bokassa is. De stevige drums, soepele riffs en pakkende teksten worden alleen maar verder versterkt door gastvocalen van niemand minder dan de New Yorkse hardcorelegende Lou Koller (Sick Of It All).

BOKASSA sum up, "All Out Of Dreams is an album where the feeling of resignation is present on several of the album's tracks. Whether it deals with one's own failures, maybe you feel the system failed you, perhaps because of failed government policies, or that you've just given up on it all.

The common denominator is that everyone you encounter, or hear from in the lyrics have lost hope, which is something the album's title - "All Out Of Dreams" - alludes to.

The name of the album could also be seen as a direct reference to our own career, and the dream of owning our own private island in the Pacific. Unfortunately the masses have yet to develop good taste in music, so that dream is rather non-existent at this time."

The live dynamos are excited to hit the road with hard rock squad Therapy? across Europe, including a number of European dates leading into the Christmas festivities and starting in Belgium October 5th. Jørn comments, "I already think Therapy?'s 'Poundland of Hope and Glory' is one of the best tunes of 2023 so the fact that we get to see it live for 26 dates over the UK and Europe alongside all their hits is awesome!"

Oct 05,  Trix (supp. Therapy?)  Antwerp, Belgium 
Oct 06,  Reflektor (supp. Therapy?) Liege, Belgium 
Oct 08,  Melkweg (supp. Therapy?) Amsterdam, NL
Nov. 04 Bokassa 10-year Anniversary – Vulkan, Oslo, NO
Nov 09,  Gruenspan (supp. Therapy?) Hamburg, DE 
Nov 10,  Gebaude 9 (supp. Therapy?) Cologne, DE 
Nov 11,  Das Bett (supp. Therapy?) Frankfurt, DE 
Nov 12,  Backstage Halle (supp. Therapy?) Munich, DE 
Nov 14,  Proxima (supp. Therapy?) Warsaw, Poland 
Nov 16,  SO36 (supp. Therapy?)  Berlin, DE 
Nov 18,  Het Bolwerk (supp. Therapy?) Sneek, NL 
Nov 19,  La Sucrerie (supp. Therapy?) Wavre, BE 
Nov 30,  Concorde 2 (supp. Therapy?) Brighton, UK 
Dec 01,  Wedgewood Rooms (supp. Therapy?) Portsmouth, UK 
Dec 02,  Academy2 (supp. Therapy?) Sheffield, UK 
Dec 03,  Roadmenders (supp. Therapy?) Northampton, UK 
Dec 07,  The Fleece (supp. Therapy?) Bristol, UK 
Dec 08,  Academy 2 (supp. Therapy?) Manchester, UK 
Dec 09,  Pop Recs (supp. Therapy?) Sunderland, UK 
Dec 10,  King Tut's (supp. Therapy?) Glasgow, UK 
Dec 14,  Electric Ballroom (supp. Therapy?) London, UK 
Dec 15,  Nightrain (supp. Therapy?) Bradford, UK 
Dec 16,  Institute (supp. Therapy?) Birmingham, UK 
Dec 17,  The Globe (supp. Therapy?) Cardiff, UK


Jørn Kaarstad - Lead Vocals,Guitar

Bård Linga - Bass, Vocals

Olav Dowkes - Drums, Vocals