Cellar Darling albumdetails

Cellar Darling, de band van ex-Eluveitie artiesten Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter en Ivo Henzi brengen hun debuutalbum uit op 30 juni.

Het album zal This Is The Sound als naam krijgen en al 14 nummers bevatten. Het komt uit onder platenlabel Nuclear Blast op 30 juni.

"In less than a year we've formed a new band, written an album and come up with what we believe is our sound. This is who we are and we're looking forward to what happens with it!" - Anna Murphy

"This is it: this is the result of nearly one year of incredibly intense creativity, of ups and downs, of loss and gain. This is the most personal work of our lives. This Is The Sound." - Merlin Sutter