Ektomorf kondigt nieuw album aan met titeltrack

Ektomorf keert terug naar hun roots met hun nieuw album Reborn.

Reborn komt uit op 22 januari 2021 bij Napalm Records. Beluister alvast de titeltrack! De band keert naar eigen zeggen terug naar hun roots, ze gaan al 26 jaar mee en gaan opnieuw die rauwe thrash metal sound incorporeren.

Frontman Zoli Farkas: "This album was written in some very dark times of my life. When you listen to Reborn, you can hear it in the crushing, heavy riffs as well as within the melancholic, beautiful melodies and honest lyrics. Reborn is the album I worked on for the longest period in my career, there are a lot of new ideas in the songs that Ektomorf has never executed before, intertwined with the roots of the band's sound. I'm very proud of it. I hope it will give you what it gives to me."


  1. Ebullition
  2. Reborn
  3. And the Dead Will Walk
  4. Fear Me
  5. Where the Hate Conceives
  6. The Worst is Yet to Come
  7. Forsaken
  8. Smashing the Past

ektomorf reborn album coverart