Eskimo Callboy en 257ers maken hip-hop versie van Hypa Hypa

Once again Eskimo Callboy surprises with another stellar cover version of Hypa Hypa. Together with German Hip-Hop combo 257ers, which hilariously rap their way through the bands fan-favorite party-hit, Eskimo Callboy successfully continues its journey through various musical genres. Also make sure to check out the official music video on the Eskimo Callboy's YouTube-channel which belongs to this cover version!

Watch the video here (premiere starts at 18:00 CET)

The new edition of the “MMXX” EP includes the original songs of the EP, but it also comes with seven alternative versions of “Hypa Hypa” by diverse featured artists like the rock country legends The BossHoss, German popstar Sasha, the rap crew 257ers, medieval metal heroes Saltatio Mortis, YouTuber Axel One, metalcore institution We Butter The Bread With Butter and a Remix by DJ-duo Gestört aber GeiL.

Get your copy of “MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition” or stream it here.


  1. Hypa Hypa
  2. Hate/Love
  3. MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)
  4. Monsieur Moustache
  5. Dramaqueen
  6. Prism (feat. Tobias Rauscher)
  7. Hypa Hypa (by Saltatio Mortis)
  8. Hypa Hypa (feat. The BossHoss)
  9. Hypa Hypa (by 257ers)
  10. Hypa Hypa (feat. Sasha)
  11. Hypa Hypa (Remix by Gestört aber GeiL)
  12. Hypa Hypa (by We Butter The Bread With Butter)
  13. Hypa Hypa (by Axel One)