Riverside kondigt live album aan

Progressive rockband Riverside brengt een live album uit: Lost 'n Found - Live In Tilburg.

Het wordt een heel speciaal live album, aldus de band. Lost 'n Found - Live In Tilburg komt op 11 december uit via InsideOut Music. Het optreden is gefilmd in 013 tijdens hun Europese tournee van het Love, Fear and the Time Machine album in 2015. Het komt uit als limited Mediabook 2CD+DVD, gatefold 3LP, 180g. vinyl (met het concert ook op twee cd's als bonus) en natuurlijk digitaal. Luister alvast naar het nummer Hyperactive.

Mariusz Duda: "We're really pleased to tell you that our live release Lost'n'Found - Live in Tilburg with a concert from the "Love, Fear and the Time Machine Tour 2015" recorded at the fantastic 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands, will be officially released later this year via InsideOutMusic. The tour promoting "Love, Fear and the Time Machine" was groundbreaking, exceptional, and, as it turned out later, also the last one with Piotr Grudziński. We played, among others, a special version of "The Same River" and a 20-minute version of "Escalator Shrine". The reissue of this recording we had previously sold exclusively during our shows in very limited edition, is enhanced by artwork from Travis Smith, extended booklet layouts and...a DVD with the concert, for the first time."

De tracklist:

1. Lost (Live in Tilburg)
2. Feel Like Falling (Live in Tilburg)
3. Hyperactive (Live in Tilburg)
4. Conceiving You (Live in Tilburg)
5. Panic Room (Live in Tilburg)
6. Under The Pillow (Live in Tilburg)
7. The Depth Of Self-Delusion (Live in Tilburg)
8. Saturate Me (Live in Tilburg)
9. Egoist Hedonist (Live in Tilburg)
10. We Got Used To Us (Live in Tilburg)
11. Escalator Shrine (Live in Tilburg)
12. The Same River (Live in Tilburg)
13. Found (Live in Tilburg)

riverside lost 'n found live in tilburg album coverart