Spoil Engine last tour door Spanje, Portugal, Frankrijk noodgedwongen af

Wegens fouten van een Spaanse promotor moet Spoil Engine noodgedwongen enkele optredens afzeggen. 

De band had al de shows en hotel geboekt, kortom alles was in orde gebracht voor de opkomende tour. Plots werden de optredens afgezegd en de promotor verdween. Lees hieronder het officiële statement van de band.

Due to the malpractice of an unreliable Spanish promotor/booker, we are forced to reschedule our Spain/Portugal/France tour.
Shows & hotels were booked, tickets were sold and the band was ready to get rollin' end of this October. Suddenly, shows got cancelled and the promotor disappeared, all contact lost.
We are still trying to figure out what is going on; saving the existing dates with another promotor is no option.
This situation seriously p*sses us off and we hope to meet 'mister promotor' in person one day soon.
Meanwhile, we are rescheduling a new visit to Spain/Portugal/France with our pro touring agency Seaside (who were not involved in this current tour). We will update you as soon as possible; target slot is Spring 2018."