Thundermother single in het Spaans


Thundermother bracht in 2018 hun Thundermother-album uit met verschillende hits op zoals Whatever, Revival en We Fight For Rock 'N' Roll. Nu brengen ze hun nieuwe single Da Igual uit, eigenlijk een nieuwe versie van Whatever in het Spaans gezongen door zangeres Guernica.

"We wanted to do something different and since Guernica speaks Spanish we thought it would be a great idea to record a song in Spanish for our Hispanic fans. And "Whatever" is not only one of the singles from the new album but also one of our favourites on it as well. So with a little help from our friends, we where able to translate it and make it into reality. We love the fact that we can translate our songs as lots of artists used to do back in the days, and now can show our Hispanic fans some extra love! Plane and simple, we could so we did!" - Thundermother

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