Venom Inc. kondigt nieuw album There's Only Black aan

Venom Inc., de nieuwe Venom band bestaande uit gitarist Jeff "Mantas" Dunn en ex-Venom zanger/bassist Tony Dolan kondigden hun nieuw album There's Only Black aan, dat op 23 september uitkomt bij Nuclear Blast. De eerste single How Many Can Die wordt vrijgegeven met een lyric video.

Dolan comments: "Following Wacken in 2019, our live season closed giving us time where I could have my hip replacement surgery and we could take the recovery time to work on a new album... Little did anyone know we'd be hit by a pandemic that would pause the whole world. We began our work at a pace, then being locked down with no prospect of live shows, I decided there was no need to rush it along but utilize the time to create without the pressure of live work looming. So we began recording our songs .. and after producing twice the amount required, we began editing, touching, improving, and polishing until we had until we finally had what we decided was THE correct album along with the label and here we can finally present to you .. a pure ball of furious... VENOM INC. power that left us feeling proud and excited at the same time...THIS album is now yours!!! And as the world runs through its evolution of its colors, remember… when the sun goes out...THERE'S ONLY BLACK!!!!! AVE"

There's Only Black tracklist:

01. How Many Can Die (03:21)

02. Infinitum (03:47)

03.Come To Me (03:46)

04. There's Only Black (04:49)

05. Tyrant (05:25)

06. Don't Feed Me Your Lies (05:51)

07. Man As God (03:23)

08. Burn Liar Burn (05:32)

9. Nine (03:34)

10. Rampant (04:06)

11. The Dance (04:54)

12. Inferno (05:19)