the callous daoboys

TesseracT - Trix

vrijdag, 26 januari, 2024

Event: TesseracT - Muziekcentrum Trix


Headliner: TesseracT

Voorprogramma: Unprocessed, The Callous Daoboys


Prijs: 35,00 EUR

Locatie (zaal): Trix

Adres: Noordersingel 28, 2140 Antwerpen

Meer info: deuren open: 19:00

On Friday 26 January 2024, British prog metallers TesseracT are coming to Trix, Antwerp to present their brand new record “War Of Being” to the Belgian audience.

Formed in 2003,TesseracT are rightly and widely regarded as pioneers. Since dazzling the world with their debut album One in 2011, they have spearheaded a uniquely adventurous and creative movement that has expanded metal’s vocabulary beyond all measure. Although routinely credited as instigators of the ‘djent’ subgenre, the UK five-piece have long since transcended such associations and are now widely acknowledged as one of the most authentically progressive and unique bands on the planet. From the majestic complexities of One and the bittersweet, melodic crunch o f2013’s Altered State, to the experimental sheen of Polaris and the ruthlessly focused tech-trip of2018’s Sonder, TesseracT have consistently stood apart from the competition, while forging a musical and lyrical world that is theirs alone. Meanwhile, they have established themselves as a live band of great power, with countless acclaimed shows and festival appearances notched up across several continents.

Support comes from Unprocessed and The Callous Daoboys.