Angra presenteert videoclip voor Vida Seca (feat. Lenine)

Eerder deze maand brachten de Braziliaanse progressieve power metallers Angra hun langverwachte nieuwe album Cycles Of Pain uit via Atomic Fire Records. Nu toert de band door hun thuisland, waar ook de fans het nieuwe materiaal met open armen ontvangen nadat de metal/rock pers over de hele wereld de plaat lovend heeft ontvangen, en terwijl ze onderweg zijn, zijn ze verheugd om nog een andere videoclip te presenteren ter ondersteuning van het album.

Met gastvocalen van de legendarische Braziliaanse muzikant Lenine, markeert Vida Seca - geproduceerd door een crew rond Angra medewerker Leo Liberti - de vierde visuele release van de groep dit jaar, en kan bekeken worden op YouTube.

Guitarist Rafael Bittencourt over het liedje: "Vida Seca means a lot to us in Angra because it expresses what we are: a metal band from Brazil. So the song is a combination of prog elements with Brazilian vibes. It is tough to create something meaningful and deep for the people without going deep into ourselves, and going deep also means reaching and accepting my background. I know it sounds odd for many traditional metal fans, but it wouldn't be honest from my side if I wasn't making music inspired by my surroundings, the people, the habits, the sounds. The song and the video Vida Seca both have a little bit of all of that in a poetic yet truthful way, disclosing the discrepancy of Brazilian social dystopia. It's certainly one of my favourites of the album."

"Vida Seca is my favourite track on Cycles Of Pain and one of the songs I'm most proud of. It starts with a strong Brazilian accent that develops into a more progressive sound. The dynamics within the song help tell the story of the lyrics, taking you through the character's journey of vulnerability, growth, self-doubt and acceptance. We are extremely privileged to have the amazing, multi Latin Grammy winning Lenine singing the first part in Portuguese. As someone born in the Northeast of Brazil, a region where poverty and underdevelopment is rampant, he brings authenticity to the song, giving the character a legitimate voice. Lyrically, Vida Seca talks about a child who's born in poverty, a situation all too common in Brazil and many other countries. Despite the hardship of his childhood, throughout his life he ends up having opportunities and ultimately reaches a better condition. It's a view on meritocracy and how unfair it is to expect the same level of achievement from people with very different starting conditions," vertelt bassist Felipe Andreoli.