Anti-Flag's nieuw nummer Hate Conquers All met Trump quotes


Dat Anti-Flag altijd politiek geladen songs brengen is al langer dan vandaag geweten. In hun nieuw nummer met bijhorende videoclip Hate Conquers All zijn president Donald Trump quotes te horen, en de titel van het nummer spreekt voor zich.

Zanger Chris#2 legt uit: "Love Trumps Hate. On the surface, this well packaged, well-meaning sentiment does what it needs to... In the face of so much fear, inequality and despair, it provides hope. Hope that the path that we're on isn't an endless one, but one that can be defeated. And honestly, I believe in the premise. That if you put love and positivity out into the universe it does combat negativity and it does come back or return, not always to us directly, but to someone. But the policies of Donald Trump and his administration are not just hateful. They're racist, islamaphobic, homophobic, transphobic, and bigoted. It is a false equivalency. The language exists for a reason. Our focus should not only be on their hatred, but their outward and unabashed fascism. We shouldn't just try to kill these things with love and kindness. We should be in the streets daily, demanding an end to racial, social, and economic injustice. The video for 'Hate Conquers All' is a visual experience of what a continuation of Trump policy and rhetoric holds. Climate devastation, racist/xenophobic immigration law and endless conflicts of interest serving his businesses and their partners. Watch the empire fall. Watch the nation dissolve. With our backs against the wall."

Hun nieuw album 20/20 Vision komt op 17 januari uit onder label Spinefarm Records.



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