Beyond Our Sight lyric video The Void Within


Beyond Our Sight bracht een nieuwe lyric video uit voor het nummer The Void Within, komend van de gelijknamige EP. 

De band zegt er het volgende over: ''f money is your god, then who's your devil'. This is what I wrote down on my way to work one day, thinking about how life and society are really strange. How we literally break our backs doing things we hate, for people we've never met and don't even care about us. How they gain in fortune and power, resulting in a corruption of the mind. I don't like to generalize, but a lot of these people only care for themselves, and money. And with this in mind, we wrote 'The Void Within'. About how their way of life ruins so many others, and the planet. I know that money is a necessary evil, and in this society, you can't do without. But to focus your life around it, and worship it like some kind of deity, is how you lose track of what is important". 

"All the money in the world won't keep you warm, if you've got no love in your heart'. The Void Within is with ease one of our most aggressive, yet melodic songs, which goes perfectly with how we try to project our vision of this world. How you should see past what the media is feeding you, pressuring you in a lifestyle you don't want, and with a distorted view on this world. And on the other side, how beautiful life can be once you break free from the system and find yourself."


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