Caliban - Alien


Het nieuwe Caliban album Dystopia is net uit, maar de band plaatst nog een videoclip online! Alien is het nummer waarvoor ze kozen en ze hebben daar een boodschap bij: "This track goes out to everyone. Because everyone is special. Sometimes we're getting lost on our way and feel like strangers, but also feel home everywhere we are. We shouldn’t be afraid to explore the unknown."

Verder luidt de uitleg als volgt: "The approach to “Dystopia” was instinctive and organic. The result was simply darker and heavier. A state of the world address and a sign of these locked-down times. The band members worked in relative isolation, not being able to meet up for writing sessions. Ideas were passed around via the internet. Yet, the anxiety and angst they were all feeling came through. Hence the opening line of the album title track and war-cry: “Welcome Dystopia – Come show me who you are!” Amidst the anger and sonic wreckage, there’s still a ghost of hopefulness as the band searches for identity, solidarity and ultimately rising from dystopian ashes.

Dystopia was produced by Benjamin Richter (Moonspell, Emil Bulls) and guitarist Marc Görtz as well as co-produced by Callan Orr (Dream On, Dreamer), The eye-catching artwork was crafted by the creative team of Season Zero that already did “Zeitgeister”."

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