Death Angel covert Queen en David Bowie


Hoogst eigenaardig te noemen, een thrash metalband die David Bowie en Queen covert. Death Angel doet het, en het klinkt goed! De band gaat een EP uitbrengen genaamd Under Pressure met zulke covers. Stream de EP hier!

Zanger Mark Osegueda: "The "Under Pressure" EP is something I feel that we needed to release during these very frustrating times...These are very heavy times...And although it's an all acoustic EP, It's heavy in a different sense of the word. And music is how we express ourselves best!
These times will eventually pass and we shall all regroup and once again celebrate the other side of HEAVY that is the foundation of our truly fantastic Metal scene! Until then...Stay safe, healthy, and happy! I hope you enjoy!!"

Gitarist Rob Cavestany: "What started out as simply expressing emotion through music as a cathartic reaction to the madness engulfing our world has turned into our first EP. Pure, raw and spontaneous, it's also our first all acoustic release. Hoping this offering finds you well and brings warmth to your heart and soul. Together we shall overcome! Thank you for listening."



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