Einherjer kondigt nieuw album aan met nieuwe song


De Noorse heavy/folk metalband Einherjer is terug! Hun nieuw album North Star zal op 26 februari 2021 uitkomen bij Napalm Records. De band toont het nieuwe nummer Stars daarvan.

Ook wordt hun oude album Dragons Of The North gremasterd opnieuw uitgebracht op dezelfde datum.

Einherjer over het nieuwe nummer: "'Stars' have many meanings. The night sky is vast and can be overwhelming. Throughout history man has turned to the stars to find answers to all kinds of questions. "Stars" takes you on a musical journey in classic EINHERJER style. A timeless journey. Without borders. Limited only by your own imagination. And as usual, no bullshit! Just proper Norse Heavy Metal!"

De band over het nieuwe album: "North Star is our 8th full length album, and follows in the (Norse) tracks of Norrøne Spor. The North Star is a symbol with numerous meanings. It can be guidance, or it can be a personal mission. Something to reach for. It's the Anchor of the Northern Sky. We need something steady in this rapidly shifting world we live in. The North Star album is us reaching for something greater. Developing ourselves through a musical journey in classic EINHERJER style – no bullshit, just proper Norse Heavy Metal!"

Tracklist North Star:

  1. The Blood And The Iron
  2. Stars
  3. West Coast Groove
  4. Ascension
  5. Higher Fire
  6. Echoes In Blood
  7. Listen To The Graves
  8. Chasing The Serpent



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