Einherjer is terug! Beluister de nieuwste single The Blood And The Iron


Einherjer is terug! Beluister de nieuwste single The Blood And The Iron, dat van hun nieuw album North Star komt dat op 26 februari uitkomt bij Napalm Records. De band over de nieuwe single: "'The Blood and the Iron' is a total ripper! An energy blast with topical lyrics. Not political, but as close as we get to environmentally engaged. A focus shift from warfare and a blood & iron policy to the welfare of our own planet could do wonders. It could even mean a future."

Er komt ook een re-master van hun Dragons Of The North album uit op diezelfde datum. Dit alles om te vieren dat de band na 25 jaar terug bij Napalm Records is.

De band over het nieuwe album: "North Star is our 8th full length album, and follows in the (Norse) tracks of Norrøne Spor. The North Star is a symbol with numerous meanings. It can be guidance, or it can be a personal mission. Something to reach for. It's the Anchor of the Northern Sky. We need something steady in this rapidly shifting world we live in. The North Star album is us reaching for something greater. Developing ourselves through a musical journey in classic EINHERJER style – no bullshit, just proper Norse Heavy Metal!"


1. The Blood And The Iron

2. Stars

3. West Coast Groove

4. Ascension

5. Higher Fire

6. Echoes In Blood

7. Listen To The Graves

8. Chasing The Serpent



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