Five Finger Death Punch - The Tragic Truth videoclip


Om de 42e verjaardag van Five Finger Death Punch zanger Ivan Moody te vieren, komt de band op de proppen met een videoclip voor het nummer The Tragic Truth, een track uit 2011 toen enkel verschenen als bonustrack op hun derde album American Capitalist en later op het compilatiealbum A Decade Of Destruction - Volume 2. Een track die gaat over alcoholverslaving en het effect daarvan op het leven. Moody is ondertussen al bijna vier jaar nuchter. We herinneren ons nog anders, met het stopgezette optreden in 013 te Tilburg.

Een statement van de band: "We wrote 'The Tragic Truth' in 2011 for the 'American Capitalist' album, but it simply wasn't finished by the manufacturing deadline. Since the song was very important to us, we didn't want to wait and hold it until the following album, so it was added as a bonus track to the digital edition. Consequently, it never really got the attention we intended for it and a lot of our fans are not even aware of its existence. It's been a conversation for years to somehow circle back to this song, and we felt right now, on Ivan's birthday, and two months from his fourth sober anniversary it is probably as good of an occasion as it can be to release this music video; as it is a visual journal of our story... The battle with addiction... the pain... the chaos... life and even death. A celebration of a victory, Ivan's rebirth into a new life. It is also a message for those who are battling addiction right now: you are more than your addiction, and you are never alone. Seek help, fight back, it's never too late... Ivan came back from the dead, literally. He was so far gone, if he can do it — you can do it. Let this be a testament to that".


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