The Halo Effect kondigt nieuw album aan


The Halo Effect hun debuutalbum zal Days Of The Lost heten. De band met leden van Dark Tranquillity en ex-In Flames brengen dit hoog geanticipeerd album uit op 12 augustus bij Nuclear Blast. Ze laten meteen ook de titeltrack horen met een videoclip.

Frontman Mikael Stanne over de titeltrack: "Days Of The Lost" is about finding your place in life, about making that outcast experience into something that propels you forward. We all met in our mid teens and we were all trying to find direction, motivation and meaning. Thankfully we found it in creativity and music and we shared this passion and made something from it that remains an essential part of who we are as individuals and as parts of a whole. So this is us reflecting on our past, while watching a new generation slowly but surely find their path. It's about standing up, being your true self and about not letting anything stand in your way. Our choices and our paths have led to all kinds of things but we wouldn't change a thing."

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