Happy. releaset nieuwe single Background Noise


Emo/pop-rock band Happy. releasen hun nieuwe single Background Noise. Zanger/gitarist Tate Logan: "Both songs focus on the story of someone very close to me that I love very much struggling with addiction. 'Background Noise' in particular is a reflection of the experience from my side. It is a song full of forgiveness and understanding and love. After a lot of time and thought, I realize now how I could have handled the whole thing better".

Happy.'s nieuwe album Imposter Syndrome komt op 30 oktober uit bij Rude Records. Ze leggen uit: "From the lows of depression, anxiety, and addiction, to the highs of traveling, making friends and living the dream, this record is our everlasting chase for 'success'".

Het album kan hier voorbesteld worden: https://happy.lnk.to/impostersyndrome.



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