Hatebreed laat Cling To Life horen


Eind november kwam Hatebreed's nieuwste album Weight Of The False Self uit. Voor wie nog niet de kans heeft gezien dit in z'n volledigheid te beluisteren, laat de band Cling To Life horen.

"Renowned for their ability to provide an intense and cathartic release for their fans, Hatebreed challenged themselves and their writing style in order to produce material that is exceptionally relatable in a contemporary world flooded with overstimulation, emotional dampening, and lack of social patience. "Weight of The False Self is a perfect representation of Hatebreed in 2020, a fresh onslaught of soon-to-be classics with all the elements that led you here since day one", zegt gitarist Frank Novinec.

Drummer Matt Byrne: "There's no shortage of beefy riffs and adrenaline-fueled drums on this record. I'm proud to say that we will consistently provide a soundtrack to which you can mosh in your living room and destroy your apartment."



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