Holy Moses brengt nieuwe muziek video uit


Naar aanleiding van het nieuwe album 'Invisible Queen' dat uitkomt op 14 april, komt Holy Moses met een nieuwe single/videoclip genaamd Cult Of The Machine.

"The number alludes to "The New Machine of Liechtenstein". A fanatical cult has formed around the machine, which is now finally being smashed and destroyed to bring humanity back from the darkness," zegt zangeres Sabina Classen.

Invisible Queen wordt Holy Moses hun laatste album, ze stoppen hierna er immers mee.

"My farewell album for the "Final Reign Tour" contains everything that made HOLY MOSES special in the past 43 years. Vocally, I was overflowing with energy and felt like I was transported back to the 80s. We have always written songs that we ourselves like and never compromised on trends or conceded to wrong expectations, especially with this final album. We aren't out to please everyone; we are our own brand and have our own sound, which includes odd meters, technically demanding passages, and unusual chord structures as well as interesting lyrics that deal with the dark side of humanity and the human psyche", aldus Sabine Classen.


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