Kissin' Dynamite toont nieuwe videoclip


De Duitsers van Kissin' Dynamite zijn blij om hun nieuwe single Coming Home voor te stellen. Daar hoort natuurlijk een puike videoclip bij waarin het vijftal hun oneindige energie demonstreren.

De single komt van hun nieuw album Not The End Of The Road dat op 21 januari uitkomt bij Napalm Records.

De band over de single: “Coming Home” doesn't mean to return to a specific location. It is more the probably coziest emotion of feeling alive, being yourself & having love in your heart, no matter where you are. It's a priceless gift. “Tell everyone I'm coming home!”

Gitarist Ande Braun over het nieuwe album: "Not The End Of The Road is an album that accurately describes our experiences as a band since Ecstasy in 2018. First and foremost, we highlight with songs like “Not The End Of The Road”, “What Goes Up”, “Yoko Ono” and “Only The Dead”: We're up for it, we're pulling together and we want to reach the rock Olympus! Titles like “Coming Home”, “Gone For Good” and “Scars”, on the other hand, deal with real feelings like loneliness, homesickness and sadness, which are also part of life."

Collega Hannes voegt toe: "With Ecstasy, we already didn't make any compromises and just wanted to compose music that speaks from us. Not The End Of The Road seamlessly picks up exactly here."

Not The End Of The Road track listing:

1. Not the End of the Road

2. What Goes Up

3. Only the Dead

4. Good Life

5, Yoko Ono

6. Coming Home

7. All for a Halleluja

8. No One Dies a Virgin

9. Gone for Good

10. Defeat It

11. Voodoo Spell

12. Scars



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