Lord Of The Lost - Priest


De Duitsers van Lord Of The Lost hebben een nieuw album, JUDAS, volledig afgewerkt en zullen dit op 2 juli via Napalm Records op ons los laten. Deze track, Priest, klinkt alvast veelbelovend. Een duister nummer maar met een dijk van een melodisch refrein waarover de band zelf het volgende zegt: "With 'Priest', we dive deep into a visual world that is meant to convey the very core emotion of the upcoming album, JUDAS, to the viewer. This comes along with a story that leaves room for many means of interpretation while keeping the purpose of the album concept. The artist XELANAH shines as the protagonist here, symbolically representing the emotional tension of the figure of Judas Iscariot. That role will also appear and continue in further videos, just like you know it from, for example, AEROSMITH. The song itself manages to unite all the emotion and soundscape that makes up the album - a cinematic trailer for the ears. And even a deliberately placed GENESIS quote from the mouth of Judas himself is suddenly seen in a completely new light."


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