Macabre tonen lugubere video voor nieuw nummer


Macabre brachten een heel geschifte en lugubere videoclip uit voor hun nieuw nummer The Wheels On The Bug. Dit nieuwe nummer van het album Carnival Of Killers dat op 13 november bij Nuclear Blast uitkomt.

Macabre's Corporate Death daarover: "In our music, we tell true stories about different killers and you will gather information from our songs. It is like reading a newspaper article about these people but we tell stories via our music. I like to call it creative story telling about very bad people.   My mother used to buy me children's records, from an early age, she saw that I liked to sing along. 'The Wheels On The Bug' is based on a song from a record my mother bought for me when I was young. I used to sing that song on the school bus. It must have stuck with me, as all these years later I'm still singing it, only we changed it up and made it more Macabre."

Bekijk en beluister de clip vooral zelf...