Nieuw Amaranthe nummer Archangel


Amaranthe dropte een letterlijk hete videoclip van hun nieuw nummer Archangel op ons. Het is de derde single die we te horen krijgen van het nieuwe album Manifest dat op 2 oktober uitkomt bij platenlabel Nuclear Blast. 

Zo wordt Archangel omschreven: "A merciless but on point modern metal extravaganza coming with brutal riffs, a tempting chorus and hellish vibes - long story short: An infernal pleasure that makes you want to trade your soul for the fallen angel."

De band zelf zegt er het volgende over: "Fire and brimstone! Savour the sweet scent of sulphur as Amaranthe delves deep into Miltonian lore with 'Archangel'! An ancient tale of the fall of the angel Lucifer Morningstar was interpreted as a Greek tragedy in John Milton's seminal 'Paradise Lost', and it is from this perspective we tell a brief yet momentous story of greed, betrayal and overblown pride - an all too familiar and contemporary theme. Amaranthe's first collaboration with Poland's visual grandmasters Grupa13 took us from abandoned and ghastly factory halls in Wrocław to the derelict ruins of Świny Castle among the Polish mountains. Light up your incense, fill your goblet and delight in a darker shade of Amaranthe!"


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