Nieuw Dark Fortress nummer van nieuw album Spectres from the Old World


Black metalband Dark Fortress brengt op 28 februari hun nieuw album Spectres from the Old World uit. Ze plaatsten nog een nieuw nummer online getiteld The Spider In The Web.

Gitarist V. Santura zegt er het volgende over: “Our third single, The Spider in the Web, is probably the most straight forward and “simple” song on ‘Spectres from the Old World’, but it comes with a twist: The mellow midsection adds another facet to the pallet and the gloomy ending part opens the door to another universe which will be carried on by the next song on the album.”

Morean (zanger) geeft meer informatie over het concept: "The inspiration for this lyric came from fairly recent images from a simulation of the distribution of galaxies and dark matter in the universe - a simulated ‘photo of the universe’, so to speak. On these images, one can clearly see how all matter in the cosmos aligns itself in strands of truly astronomical proportions; the same entropic mechanisms that create clumps in your powdered mashed potatoes serve as architects on the grandest possible scale. Since this structure is contained within spacetime’s intangible fabric itself, the mind that reincarnated into it becomes the silent, hidden observer of its creation, watching a universe taking shape as a consequence of his seemingly insubstantial, microscopically wobbling oscillations. Thus, he contains the totality of everything within his bizarre 11-dimensional existence; he is ‘the spider in the web’ of everything.” 



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