Nieuwe DevilDriver single/videoclip Nest Of Vipers


Op 9 oktober brengt DevilDriver hun nieuw album Dealing With Demons I uit. Daarvan brengen ze voor het nummer Nest Of Vipers een nieuwe videoclip uit.

Frontman Dez Fafara over het nummer en het samenwerken met gitarist Neal Tiemann die mee de tekst schreef: "This is my first co-written lyric on any DevilDriver track with another band member, penned with our guitarist Neal Tiemann. Working with Neal is a good time. We always want what's best for the song. Lyrically, the chorus says it all –"the kings sworn men make perfect liars". This is the cold, hard truth, as people's loyalties are often bought and sold. The lyric "she sleeps with bones beside her" refers to another theme touched upon in this track – a woman laying in misery next to her "bones" of contention, harboring guilt as her loyalties are also bought and sold... It's all a sad state of affairs once you get into that bought and sold mentality, whether it's with your work or friendships."