Nieuwe single Sirenia - Wintry Heart


Sirenia laat hun nieuwste single Wintry Heart horen door middel van een videoclip. Dit nummer komt van hun album 1977, dat 26 mei uitkomt. Dat wordt hun elfde album in hun carrière. Emmanuelle Zoldan staat op dit album achter de microfoon.

Bandleider Morten Veland zegt er het volgende over: 'Wintry Heart' is a powerful, melodic and more up-tempo song. I also find it to be very energetic - it's definitely one of the songs on the 1977 album that I really look forward to performing live. The chorus also has a great hook line. I hope you'll enjoy it!"

Tracklist 1977:

1. Deadlight

2. Wintry Heart

3. Nomadic

4. The Setting Darkness

5. A Thousand Scars

6. Fading to the Deepest Black

7. Oceans Away

8. Dopamine

9. Delirium

10.Timeless Desolation

11.Twist in my Sobriety (Bonus track)


Morten Veland – Vocals, guitars, bass, synth, programming

Nils Courbaron – Solo Guitar

Emmanuelle Zoldan – Vocals

Michael Brush – Drums


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