Nieuwe single Spirit Adrift


Op 16 oktober brengt de Amerikaanse heavy metalband Spirit Adrift hun nieuw album Enlightened In Eternity uit bij platenlabel Century Media Records, daarvan laten ze de single Astral Levitation horen.

De band heeft het volgende te zeggen over deze single: "Astral Levitation displays all the elements Spirit Adrift has become known and loved for, with an even more soulful, powerful vocal approach. There are lumbering mid-tempo traditional doom sections, unforgettable vocal lines, ethereal psychedelic passages, a blistering solo section that summons the most bombastic hard rock vibes, and of course, tons of epic guitar harmonies. Astral Levitation is about searching within for untapped power during times of darkness and despair. It’s an empowering soundtrack to the challenging times we all currently face."