Nieuwe video van Temperance: I Am The Fire


Persbericht van Temperance:

There's a flame out in the dark that is shining on my path.

Today, symphonic metal quartet TEMPERANCE unleashes yet another mind-blowing single "I Am The Fire", fresh off their upcoming album, Viridian, to be released in just a few days on January 24, 2020! "I Am The Fire" is about finding strength through life's hardships and that anyone can overcome obstacles put in their way by believing in themselves and find the power within.

The protagonist of the song has been left by someone important to them and strives to get over said person, to rise from the broken shards of their heart and soul, and to become someone new, someone better. While the almost forlorn lyrics may make the listener a little thoughtful, the upbeat nature of the song, with its magnificent riffs and smashing drums, definitely delivers the message and will be stuck in their head all day long!

Marco Pastorino, singer and guitarist, comments:

"Our paths have crossed at a lot of places and stories. "I Am the Fire" is about motivation and a trigger that can help us to reach our goals. Through different colors, moods and situations, we can find a light on our journey. As always we blend our three different vocal styles in one of the most melodic tracks from Viridian.

As a side note, we were not particularly thinking of seasonal wildfire or the horrible tragedy that is happening in Australia right now. The word 'fire' is recurrently used as an analogy to inner strength, and we believe that we can take it as a call to action for uniting and together, overcoming any obstacles we face individually as well as a society."

Tracklist Viridian:

  1. Mission Impossible
  2. I Am The Fire
  3. Start Another Round
  4. My Demons Can't Sleep
  5. Viridian
  6. Let It Beat
  7. Scent Of Dye
  8. The Cult Of Mystery
  9. Nanook
  10. Gaia
  11. Catch The Dream

Viridian zal beschikbaar zijn in de volgende formaten:

  • CD Digipack
  • Digital Album - including exclusive bonus track
  • Vinyl Gatefold in Black
  • Vinyl Gatefold in Gold (strictly limited to 100 copies – only available via Napalm Records Store)



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