Thorium's nieuwe videoclip Nightfall


Vandaag kwam het nieuwe Thorium album Extraordinary Journeys Part I uit. De Belgische band zet dat in de schijnwerpers met een nieuwe videoclip voor het nummer Nightfall.

De band zegt er het volgende over: “Venturing into classic Science Fiction territory, ‘Nightfall’ is based on the 1941 short story of the same name by one of the genre’s all-time greats, Isaac Asimov. It tells the tale of a doomed world that revolves around six suns – a so-called Multiple Star System. Because of this cosmic arrangement, the planet knows no night...or does it? We follow the exploits of one of the world’s inhabitants – a scientist who uncovers hints of society’s highly cyclical nature, due to some sort of mysterious calamity that appears to befall the planet and make civilization collapse every several thousand years, and which causes the mythical “Stars” to appear and drive everyone insane. When he not only discovers what this global cataclysm would entail, but also that it is right around the corner, his frantic attempts to warn his people are met only with disbelief and ridicule. That is, until the once-in-multiple-millennia solar eclipse starts to fill up and darken the sky, and blind, feral panic once again resets society, as it has done countless times through the aeons...”

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