Wheel kondigt nieuw album Resident Human aan


op 26 maart zal de progressive metalband Wheel hun nieuw album Resident Human uitbrengen bij Odyssey Music. Om dat te vieren tonen ze meteen een videoclip van de eerste single Movement

Gitarist/zanger James Lascelles legt uit: "This song was inspired by the rhetoric surrounding the murder of George Floyd in the USA in early 2020. The conflation, false equivalence and venom, liberally used to devalue another human's life was shocking, especially when the angriest among us were unamenable to logic, empathy or even basic common sense. Ultimately, the song aims to criticise an American social structure that absolutely should be changed, regardless of its origin; is it a consequence of literal institutional racism (as racism is still clearly prevalent) or the beginning of a wider conversation about the role of police in society and the prevalent use of excessive force? We think all of these factors should be part of the discussion to change policing in the US to prevent incidents like this from happening."




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